Sam Hober Grenadine Tie & Pocket Square Review

Sam Hober Grenadine Tie & Pocket Square Main

I recently ordered my first Sam Hober tie. Despite having to pay an additional $50 in tax at the post office (import tax in Vietnam is quite steep), the purchase was well worth it.

After reading through all of the incredible comments and pictures I decided to pull the trigger. You rarely see the level of brand loyalty menswear that Sam Hober customers apparently have for the brand. Only one purchase later, and they seem to be winning me over as well.

Before making the purchase, I emailed back and forth with owner, David Hober, to determine the correct length and tie details. There are so many options available that the website can be overwhelming at first. Take the time to look through everything and you will undoubtedly find a custom tie you can’t live without. I settled on a Slate Blue grenadine tie and a silk pocket square (pictures below). The number of available colors is outstanding and it took me two days to decide which to buy.

If you’d like to get a visual overload in the form of dozens of stunning ties, check out this Pinterest page displaying only images of Sam Hober ties worn by their owners. I discovered Sam Hober ties from this dedicated Sam Hober appreciation thread over on Styleforum. You can read all of the great things being said about the company there.

Customer service and high quality are the hallmarks of Sam Hober. The icing on the cake was that with the tie and pocket square came a handwritten thank you card — a very pleasant (and gentlemanly) detail.

Sam Hober Grenadine Tie & Plaid Pocket Square Photos

Sam Hober Tie & Pocket Square With Blue Blazer
Grenadine & Plaid with Navy Blazer

Sam Hober Grenadine Tie & Pocket Square
Tie & Square Together

Sam Hober Grenadine Tie Back
Sam Hober Tie (Back)

Sam Hober Grenadine Tie Four Folds
Four Folds

Sam Hober Pocket Square
Sam Hober Pocket Square

Sam Hober Pocket Square Hand Rolled Edge
Hand-Rolled Edges

Sam Hober Pocket Square Closeup
Pocket Square Close-Up

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