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Since WWII, men have been carrying the Dopp kit. Named after Charles Doppelt, owning a Dopp kit has become a right of passage into manhood. Doppelt supplied these bags to GIs during the second world war and the rest is history. There are really only six things to consider when choosing the right Dopp kit for you; material, price, functionality, carrying capacity, and style. Now I break it down…


Does it look good with your other travel gear (do you care if it looks good with your other travel gear)? Some materials will last longer than others — a good leather or canvas bag will last a long time. Nylon will also last a long time and has the added bonus of being waterproof. When choosing a non-waterproof material such as leather or canvas, does the bag have a waterproof lining? Many men prefer a waterproof Dopp kit because when checking out early their razor, shave brush, toothbrush and comb can still be wet when you store them away. A waterproof lining will also keep the other belongings in your travel bag  dry should your shampoo, conditioner, cologne, or aftershave happen to leak.


Do you need a high-end bag? Some guys are willing to spend extra if the Dopp kit they buy looks incredible. To others, function is much more important than style.


There are a lot of Dopp kits out there that contain no compartments. These aren’t for me, as I like to be able to store my travel items as orderly as possible. Even if the bag is as small as a Dopp kit, I absolutely despise having to dig through a bag looking for a small item. Last-minute packers, however, may wish to be able to grab all of the items off their bathroom counter and toss them into their Dopp kit in a hurry. If this is you, then don’t worry about finding a Dopp kit with compartments.

Carrying Capacity

If you have more lotion, moisturizer, and other skin care products than a seventeen-year-old girl, then you are going to need a larger Dopp kit. If all you pack is a toothbrush, shampoo, shave brush, shave cream and a straight razor then don’t bother taking up valuable space in your luggage with a large Dopp kit.


All I can say here is to each his own. Below I have chosen a few Dopp kits that cover a range of styles.

Joshu+Vela Oak Wax Dopp Kit

Joshu+Vela Oak Wax Dopp Kit

Price: $65

This Dopp kit has a small size at 8.5” x 3.5” x 3.5”. I included this for the guys who don’t need a lot of room in their travel kit. Small but stylish, this Dopp kit is made with waxed canvas, brass hardware and leather trim. Features one exterior pocket as well (always a plus for me). Acquire here

Filson Travel Kit

Filson Dopp Kit Side ViewFilson Dopp Kit Unzipped

Price: $95

Filson makes nothing but the very best products. This Dopp kit is no exception. Oil-finished twill cotton with bridle leather trim and brass zipper and available in brown, navy, green, and tan. Features two exterior pockets and two interior pockets with a full nylon lining. Pairs perfectly with Filson’s duffle bags. Oh yeah, did I mention it’s also made in the good old USA. Acquire here

J. Crew Abingdon Travel Kit


J Crew Abingdon Dopp Kit ZippedJ. Crew Abingdon Dopp Kit Open

Price: $58

This waxed cotton canvas Dopp kit from J. Crew features brass hardware and leather trim. It also matches J. Crew’s Abingdon Duffle Bag. Colors available are navy, olive, and khaki. If you prefer leather, J. Crew also makes an identical travel kit in leather. Acquire here 

Izola Apothecary Dopp Kit

Izola Apothecary Dopp Kit

Price: $45

If you’re the accident prone type then the Izola Apothecary may just be your Dopp kit. Be sure to stock it full of Band-Aids and Neosporin. Constructed with cotton canvas, lined with PEVA and sports a brass zipper. Acquire here

The Original Dopp Kit

Dopp The Original Travel Kit

Price: $70

Buxton is the owner of the original Dopp brand. For only $70 you can get your hands on a piece of history. One cool feature on the original Dopp kit is the expandable bottom. This Dopp kit is made of leather with a nylon lining. Available in black or brown. Acquire here

Stay true to yourself. Be kind to others. Define your own style.

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