8 Blogs Every Man Should Read

8 Blogs Every Man Should Read

It’s been a long time since I’ve written here. The past months have been filled with moving back to the States from Vietnam, becoming a first-time father, and starting a digital marketing consultancy. With all that and more on my plate blogging took a back seat. During that time I never stopped consuming information from my favorite […]

Vintage Oxxford Summer Suit

Vintage Oxxford Suit

What’s old is new again – we all know the saying. Finding a quality vintage suit can add style to your wardrobe and keep money in your pocket. Take this vintage suit from Oxxford, arguably the premier American suit maker. Each and every Oxxford suit is still handmade in Chicago. A new suit from Oxxford will […]

Showcase Your Favorite Interview Tie

Showcase Your Favorite Interview Tie - P+M

So you just purchased an incredible tie, perhaps the pièce de résistance of your collection. You want to show it off in your upcoming interview so you wear it with your prized blazer, glen check trousers, and an equally stunning pocket square. If you were looking to showcase your newest tie you’ve done exactly the opposite. By surrounding it with other equally […]