Brand Spotlight: Combatant Gentleman

Combatant Gentlemen

I’m always on the lookout for a great bargain. For the 99%, it isn’t realistic to wear custom-tailored suits from Savile Row or $200 designer selvedge denim jeans. And you shouldn’t have to spend untold sums of cash to look great. To combat this inequity, Combatant Gentleman sells clothing directly to the consumer only via […]

Blomus: Stainless Steel Design

blomus cioso wine rack

I first discovered Blomus while browsing in one of my favorite stores, DIGS, a showroom full of modern and contemporary design furniture and home goods. DIGS was fantastic store located in Bellingham, WA. I was a frequent customer while attending university in Bellingham and was always looking for something stylish to decorate my condo. After graduation I moved to Seattle […]

American Made Dress Shirts

American Made Dress Shirts

No matter what country you call home, it always feels good to purchase items made in your country. And since the U.S.A. is my home, here are a few brands that stand out as quality American-made dress shirt manufacturers. Todd Shelton Founded in 2002,  all of Todd Shelton’s clothing is made in their New Jersey factory. […]

Covert Coat

Cordings Covert Coat Main Image

The word covert, is defined in hunting terminology as a thicket used for taking cover. It originally meant hidden or covered, although now that use is rare. The antique hunting print below titled To Draw Next Covert is from The Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News on December 10, 1892. Covert now brings to mind secret operations […]

Knoll: Modern Furniture Design

Knoll Design Logo

Founded in 1938, Knoll has become one of the leading design companies in America and the world. Knoll partnered with the World Monument Fund in 2006 to launch Modernism at Risk,  an initiative aimed at preserving modern architecture. You can find Knoll furniture in many museums either on display or as useable furniture. Read on to […]