J.W. Hulme: American-Made Leather Goods

JW Hulme American Made Leather Goods

One of my goals since starting this blog has been to find and bring less well-known brands to the attention of my readers. J.W. Hulme Co. is one of those brands.

Since 1905, J.W. Hulme Co. has been creating leather goods of the highest caliber. Made in America, with leather from some of the finest tanneries, anything from J.W. Hulme will be a great investment. And with a lifetime guarantee you simply can’t go wrong.

J.W. Hulme Duffle Bags

jw hulme co medium duffel bag
medium leather duffle bag

Whether you prefer full leather or canvas, these duffle bags are stunning in their design and craftsmanship. You will never feel as manly as when you’re carrying a J.W. Hulme duffle bag (unless you’ve just kicked Mike Tyson’s ass and stolen his J.W. Hulme duffle bag).

jw hulme canvas duffle bag
canvas and leather duffle bag

Featuring brass hardware, reinforced stress points and the ability to help you grow facial hair, the investment is well worth it for any gentleman with a few extra dollars.

jw hulme duffle bag
small leather duffle bag

J.W. Hulme Briefcases

jw hulme portfolio briefcase
portfolio briefcase

Are you tired of your coworkers putting laxative in your coffee? Do you deserve a little more respect around the office? Want the OK to date your bosses daughter? What you really need is a briefcase that makes people say, “Who the hell is that?” Good thing for you that J.W. Hulme makes just exactly that, briefcases that demand respect.

 jw hulme overnight briefcase
overnight briefcase

The Overnight Briefcase (above) is just what you’ll need when you get that go-ahead on dating the bosses daughter.

J.W. Hulme Wallets

Every man needs a good wallet, a trusty companion to carry all that cash from your weekend gigolo gig. Here are three credible options even Deuce Bigalow would approve of.

jw hulme classic bifold wallet
classic bifold wallet

A true gentleman may prefer a classic bifold to one of the other options below. If you like to keep receipts, old to-do lists, and ex-girlfriend’s numbers in your wallet then this is a good choice. If you like to keep it lean then keep reading.

jw hulme slim card wallet
slim card wallet

 Traditional wallets can sometimes end up too bulky. If that’s the case for you consider the slim card wallet. Often there is no need to carry cash these days. For gents that don’t like to carry cash, perhaps from a past mugging experience, try this and see if it fits the bill.

jw hulme money clip wallet
money clip card wallet

 Want to keep it slim and still store some dollar bills? The money clip wallet is a great choice. I prefer money clips as they hold your cash secure while keeping my pockets from bulging.

J.W. Hulme Leather Envelope

jw hulme leather envelope
leather envelope

One of my favorite and one of the more affordable pieces from J.W. Hulme is their leather envelope. Use it to store the money you hide from your wife, old receipts for tax purposes, or your fake passports.

Do you love bags fit for a gentleman as much as I do? If so, I suggest reading this post on duffel bags.

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