8 Heads in a Duffel Bag

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If you’re looking for the 1997 movie 8 Heads in a Duffle Bag then you’re in the wrong place; try IMDb instead. On the other hand, if you’re looking to find that perfect duffel bag to stuff full of heads (or other travel necessities) then you are definitely in the right place.

The origin of the duffel bag or duffle bag (as it is sometimes spelled) is the town of Duffel, Belgium. Duffel was a producer of a heavy woolen fabric that was used to make the bags. This is also where the duffel coat gets its name from. American poet, E.E. Cummings is credited with first using the term duffel bag in a letter he wrote in 1917 while abroad during WWI.

I just returned home from a multi-day trip and once again marveled at how my canvas duffel bag always comes in so handy. When a suitcase is too much and a backpack is too little a good duffel bag can get you through that weekend getaway or day trip. My weekender bag was purchased from J. Crew, however before I purchased it I had been looking for some time. There are so many options out there it’s hard to sift through them all to find some great looking bags. I hope this list will help you narrow down the best duffel for you.

When choosing any bag I will use for traveling, I ask myself only three questions:

  1. Will the bag fit everything I need it to carry?
  2. Will the bag stand up to the beating it’s about to take?
  3. Can I picture myself sitting at the airport bar, sipping on a cocktail, with this bag on the barstool next to me?

Leather Duffel Bags

Killspencer Burgundy Suede Weekender Bag
Killspencer Burgundy Oil Suede Weekender Bag

Price: $675 — Acquire here


Killspencer Charcoal Grey Leather Weekender Bag
Killspencer Grey Leather Weekender Bag

Price: $675 — Acquire here


Banana Republic Leather Duffel Bag
Banana Republic Leather Duffel Bag

Price: $325 — Acquire here


John Lewis Brown Leather Holdall Bag
John Lewis Brown Leather Holdall Bag

Price: $250 — Acquire here


WILL Leather Goods Leather Travel Duffle Bag
Will Leather Traveler Duffle Bag

Price: $895 — Acquire here


Jack Spade Wesson Leather Wayne Duffle Bag
Jack Spade Wesson Leather Wayne Duffle Bag

Price: $495 — Acquire here


Canvas Duffel Bags

J Crew Abingdon Weekender Bag

J Crew Abingdon Duffel Bag

Price: $198 — Acquire here


Killspencer Original Wax Weekender Bag
Killspencer Original Wax Weekender Bag

Price: $475 — Acquire here


Filson Medium Duffle Bag
Filson Duffle Bag

Price: $325 — Acquire here


Waxwear Wayne Duffle Bag

Jack Spade Waxwear Wayne Duffle Bag

Price: $448 — Acquire here


WILL Leather Goods Canvas & Leather Duffle

Will Leather Canvas Traveler Duffle Bag

Price: $395 — Acquire here


WILL Leather Goods Wax Coated Canvas Duffle

Will Leather Wax Coated Canvas Duffle Bag

Price: $275 — Acquire here


Wool Duffel Bags

Banana Republic Eugene Duffel Bag
Banana Republic Eugene Wool Duffle Bag

Price: $298 — Acquire here


Brooks Brothers Wool Duffel Bag
Brooks Brothers Wool Duffle Bag

Price: $698 — Acquire here


Trask Jackson Duffle Bag
Trask Jackson Wool Duffle Bag

Price: $450 — Acquire here


Graf Lantz Merino Wool Duffel Bag
Graf Lantz Gray Merino Wool Duffel Bag

Price: $445 — Acquire here


WILL Leather Goods Oaxacan Wool Rug Duffle Bag
Will Leather Oaxacan Wool Duffle Bag

Price: $695 — Acquire here

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