Blomus: Stainless Steel Design

blomus cioso wine rack

I first discovered Blomus while browsing in one of my favorite stores, DIGS, a showroom full of modern and contemporary design furniture and home goods. DIGS was fantastic store located in Bellingham, WA. I was a frequent customer while attending university in Bellingham and was always looking for something stylish to decorate my condo.

After graduation I moved to Seattle and some months later once again discovered DIGS in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood. It turns out they had moved to Seattle and closed down their first location. Enough reminiscing, let’s talk about Blomus.

The company’s products are decidedly contemporary. All are made with high quality stainless steel. I’ve used their tea lights as insets for some wooden tea light holders I made with my father with the coldness of the steel complimenting the warmth of the wood.

Onto some of my favorite pieces from Blomus.


Acqua Carafe

blomus acqua carafe

Cool down and look cool. Even the little things deserve style. Something as mundane as serving water can be fun when you have the right carafe. Acquire here

Cioso Wine Rack

blomus cioso wine rack

This was the very first Blomus piece that caught my attention. It’s still one of my favorite Blomus items. Acquire here

Cino Waiter’s Friend

blomus cino waiters friend

Every bartender needs one of these. What I like most about this waiter’s friend is the classic functionality with a touch of contemporary design. Acquire here

Delta Wine Decanter

blomus delta wine carafe

It may look like a beaker from your high school science class but this isn’t filled with chemicals that can burn your face off. Fill it with great wine that will put a smile on your face and those sharing a glass with you. Acquire here

Copo Teapot

blomus copo teapot

It’s hard to find a teapot with a great design. This happens to be one. Acquire here

Pegos Tray

blomus pegos tray

So now that you have a sweet wine decanter, carafe, and teapot you’re going to need something to carry them out to the party on. Acquire here


Fuoco Tabletop

blomus fuoco fire pot

Do have a hot date coming up? Keep the fire burning into the night with these tabletop firepits. Acquire here

Orchos Lawn Torch

blomus orchos garden torch

Start a fire without burning down the house. Steel, wood, and glass. You can’t get much cooler than that. Acquire here

Lumbra Candle Lantern

blomus lumbra lantern

It’s old school and new school all at the same time. What more could you ask for? Not much. Acquire here

Fuera Birdfeeder

blomus fuera bird feeder

Gardening is one of my hobbies. Nothing adds more to a garden more than wildlife. Feed the birds with class. Acquire here


Greens Round


blomus greens round planter

Keep your greens in something stylish. Indoor plants not only look nice, keep the air you’re breathing clean. Acquire here

Verdo Watering Can

blomus verdo watering can

Keep your plants refreshed with this stylish watering can from Blomus. Sometimes adding style to something unexpected can give you the greatest bang for your buck. No one expects to see a great looking watering can, making the impact that much stronger. Acquire here

Sapo Stainless Steel Soap

blomus sapo stainless steel soap

Ok, so this one isn’t so stylish. It is indispensable though. It will remove the scent of garlic, onions & fish from your fingers, however, it won’t remove lipstick from your collar. Inviting a lady over to your flat for a home-cooked dinner? You’re going to be glad you made this purchase. Acquire here

While stainless steel is a terrific material to showcase in your home, it is important to balance the cold grey of the steel with other colors. I don’t recommend having a room full of stainless steel accessories, I do however like to use the metal where it makes sense and works well with the interior design.

Stay true to yourself. Be kind to others. Define your own style.

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