Where To Find Seven-Fold Ties

Where to find a seven fold tie

The seven-fold tie is the Cadillac of neckwear. As such there are not a lot of manufacturers and many of those that exist are often hard to find. The term seven-fold has also come to mean any tie containing more than the standard three folds. Some are six-folds with interlining while some are true seven-fold ties that contain only silk fabric and no interlining.

Personally, I prefer ties with an interlining as I feel the knot holds its shape better. That however is just a matter of personal preference. Ties made with more than three folds are in turn heavier due to the extra fabric. The more substantial weight creates a better drape and often a better knot. I have many three-fold ties that knot beautifully so I always recommend trying on a tie before purchasing.

Another mistake often made is equating a brand name with quality. The only true test of a tie’s quality is an examination of how it is made. As my father told me, “take a look at the undercarriage before you buy,” but more importantly is to take it for a test drive. See how the tie knots with your favorite knot. Not all tie fabrics are a great choice for a full windsor; some perform better with a four-in-hand.

To make finding the perfect seven-fold tie for your collection a little bit easier, I’ve created a list of quality seven-fold tie makers and where to find their seven-fold ties.


Bulgari seven-fold tie

Price: $205 – $265

Bvlgari is known quality and their ties are no exception. You won’t find a three-fold tie anywhere on the site. If you want to tie one on in person you can find a store locator here. I recently dropped into their Saigon showroom to browse their seven-fold tie collection and the ties were high quality indeed.


Kiton seven-fold necktie

Price: $285 (Now on sale for $200)

Everything Kiton does they strive to do as well or better than anyone else. Their K-50 suits are some of the most expensive you can get your hands on ($50,000). Even if fifty large was pocket change for me I’d never in my life buy a $50,000 suit. But I would consider one of their seven-folds. You can browse their tie collection at neimanmarcus.com.

Carlo Franco

Carlo Franco Seven Fold Tie

Price: $150

All Carlo Franco does is ties. And they do ties well. Each and every one is a seven-fold beauty. I personally haven’t tried one on. However, I have heard great things about Carlo Franco. At only $150 I would definitely recommend trying out one of their ties.

Robert Talbott

Robert Talbott seven-fold tie

Price: $285

I’ve been craving one of these works of art by Robert Talbott since I first laid my eyes on one. I found one at Nordstrom Rack once so if you have time on your side you can wait it out although I don’t believe many go through there. Each of Robert Talbott seven-fold tie is a limited edition and numbered so you shouldn’t expect to see someone else walking around in the same tie. If you do happen to see someone else sporting the same tie you will know the guy has serious class. You can find their seven-fold ties at the company website or here at Hansen’s Clothing.


Isaia seven-fold necktie

Price: $225

A consistent producer of beautiful menswear collections, Isaia is one of my favorite high-end brands. Their ties are no exception and the patterns and colors will not go out of style anytime soon. I know in Seattle and Portland you can buy them at Mario’s. If you don’t live in the Northwest then you can find Isaia seven-fold ties at neimanmarcus.com.

Napoli Coast

Napoli Coast seven-fold tie

Price: $165

With a limited run of only 20 ties per each pattern you will have your hands on something very few people will own but many will covet. Napoli Coast is another company that specializes in ties. I always feel comfortable knowing I am buying from a specialist. Check them out here.

Brooks Brothers

Brooks Brothers seven-fold tie

Price: $175

If you’re looking for a plain satin seven-fold for a wedding or special event then I would recommend heading over to Brooks Brothers to pick up a gorgeous solid-colored tie from the classic American company.


Dalvey seven-fold tie

Price: $100

I honestly hadn’t heard of Dalvey until doing the research for this post. They have a ton of great looking products on their site. They have been around since 1897 as maker of bagpipes — sounds pretty manly to me. Be sure to check out their other products after you’ve browsed their seven-fold tie collection.

Sam Hober

Sam Hober seven-fold tie

Price: $125 – $165

For a truly custom made seven-fold tie check out Sam Hober. I have seen nothing but good things on these guys online and am in the process of purchasing a tie from them. You pick the fabric, length, and width. They make your tie in about three days.

This is not a complete list of seven-fold makers, only a list of the ones I know well enough to recommend to you. Now that you know where to find seven-fold ties online I wish you happy [tie] hunting.

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