What Color Pants to Wear with a Navy Blazer

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The iconic navy blazer, one of the pieces every man should have in his wardrobe. While going out in just the navy blazer will definitely attract attention, it’s likely to attract the wrong kind of attention. You’re going to need a pair of pants to wear as well. Choosing what color pants to wear with a navy blazer can be a tough choice.

Grey and khaki are the usual suspects and it’s those that I’m interested in. Today I’m going to show you how to both look classic and stand out at the same time. We’ll do this by pairing different textures of the two classic colors mentioned above with navy blazers.

I’ve selected options from both Brooks Brothers (for fellas with a little bit extra dough to spend) and Banana Republic (for the more thrifty gents out there). First up, I’ll cover my choices of Brooks Brother pants to wear with a navy blazer. While there are differences between blazers, sport coats and suit coats, I use the term loosely here when providing my picks for navy blazers.

Brooks Brothers Navy Blazer

Brooks Brothers Navy Blazer

Price: $448

If you don’t already have a navy blazer, this one is a great option. I have both new and vintage Brooks Brothers blazers and they stand the test of time. I often scour eBay before purchasing something brand new, especially a piece as common as a navy blazer. You never know what you’ll find.

Brooks Brothers Hairline Plaid Dress Pants

Brooks Brothers Plaid Dress Pants

Price: $348

Adding patterns to classic outfits is the perfect way way to modernize a traditional look. Living inside the box is no fun. Enhance your navy blazer by pairing it with plaid dress pants such as these. Take note of navy in the plaid pattern.

Brooks Brothers Grey Mini Herringbone Trousers

Brooks Brothers Grey Mini Herringbone Pants

Price: $248

Solid grey is the most classic color of pants to wear with a navy blazer. Instead of plain grey pants I chose to add a slight amount of texture with these mini grey herringbone trousers. Sometimes a little bit of texture can go a long way.

Brooks Brothers Brown Tic with Rust Pants

Brooks Brothers Brown Tic with Rust Deco Pants

Price: $248

When wearing multi color pants with a navy blazer I always choose the least used color in the pants (here a rust color) and pair it with accessories of a similar color. For these pants, I’d recommend pairing them with the orange pocket square that can be found here.

Brooks Brothers Classic Gabardine Pants

Brooks Brothers Classic Gabardine Pants

Price: $168

This is by far the safest choice in this post. These pants in British tan will never let your down. And since British tan is such a popular color choice you may already have a pair in your closet (if not,  you should).

Banana Republic Navy Blazer

Banana Republic Navy Blazer

Price: $375

At about $100 less than the Brooks Brothers option shown above, you can put the savings from this navy blazer towards a nice pair of pants to go with it. I’ve found that Banana Republic’s blazers run a bit small, but I also have broad shoulders. Because of this, I would recommend visiting a store and trying their jackets on there before purchasing online. And they may have the jacket you’re looking for already in stock.

Banana Republic Navy Plaid Trousers

Banana Republic Navy Plaid Pant

Price: $160

Going with a lighter shade of navy for your pants will also look good. These pants, found  here, are just enough lighter that they look great without matching. The plaid also adds a bit of interest to the outfit.

Banana Republic Textured Grey Cotton Pants

 Banana Republic Grey Cotton Pant

Price: $90

If you want to stay somewhere in between dressed down and dressed up then a nice cotton pant in a grey color make a great compliment to a navy blazer. I’d actually pair these pants with this cotton navy blazer, also from Banana Republic. My favorite travel blazer is a cotton navy blazer I purchased at Nordstroms.

Banana Republic Brown Houndstooth Dress Pants

 Banana Republic Brown Pant

Price: $120

Going with the small textures make a big difference theme, I chose these pants from Banana Republic for their houndstooth pattern. Houndstooth seems to experience swings in popularity but it stays a continuous staple in my wardrobe.

Banana Republic Plaid Flannel Dress Pants

Banana Republic Plaid Flannel Dress Pant

Price: $120

Again, plaids are the perfect way to up the cool factor of any outfit. And you can often get away with bolder plaid prints on pants than you can on blazers, so have fun with it. I really like this pair as the light color of the plaid sets it off.

Banana Republic Slim-Fit Chinos

Banana Republic Khaki Chinos

Price: $60

If you’re going to go with chinos make sure to get a slim-fit pair. Baggier pants won’t go well with a fitted blazer. And because they’re more casual you can really get away with wearing a lot more colors when pairing chinos with your navy blazer.

Stay true to yourself. Be kind to others. Define your own style.

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