Fair Isle Sweaters

Fair Isle Sweaters

The fair isle pattern originated in Fair Isle, a small island in Scotland. In addition to being famous for the knit sweaters, the island is also home to a well-known bird observatory. Now that we’re past the trivia, let’s jump into some sweaters!

Fair Isle + Blazer = Great Combination

lookastic fair isle sweater and blazer
source: lookastic.com

The image above illustrates how pairing a fair isle sweater with a blazer and jeans creates a nice casual look (even when wearing a tie). The image below shows a more dressed up approach to the fair isle and blazer combo.

Wearing trousers and pocket square as seen below serves to dress up an outfit. During the winter consider including a fair isle sweater in your outfit when you want to keep things casual. You’ll notice both of these styles pair the sweater with a textured blazer.

This is a much safer option for introducing fair isle into your wardrobe. There is often too much clash if a smoother jacket fabric is used.

ben silver fair isle sweater
source: bensilver.com

Some of my favorite fair isle sweaters available this season are shown below.

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren Fair Isle Wool Sweater

Ralph Lauren has been making fair isle and other winter sweaters part of their collections for a long time. If you don’t find what you’re looking for in the stores or online try your local thrift shop or eBay. Sometimes you’ll get lucky and find a vintage RL for pennies on the dollar.

L.L. Bean

l.l. bean fair isle wool

L.L. Bean is a classic outdoors brand and that exactly what a fair isle sweater was made for, the outdoors. This brand may not scream sophistication yet paired with the right pieces a sweater from L.L. Bean will look fantastic.

I try not to lock myself into a box when choosing which brands to purchase. If something is well-made and is the style you are looking for then buy it. This goes the same for brands that are not as well known for their quality.

Learn to evaluate clothing by examining it in person. I’ve purchased clothing from J.C. Penney that has withstood some serious wear and tear. It’s interesting because I bought it thinking it was cheap and wouldn’t last long.


orvis fair isle shawl collar sweater

No other sweater keeps you as warm and cozy as a shawl collar. Save money on your heating bill by wrapping yourself in this on cold winter evenings. Then use the opportunity to cuddle with your significant other (or your labrador).

Land’s End

lands end fair isle sweater

Ever since Edgar Huber became CEO, Land’s End has really stepped up their game. If you’re not familiar with their Canvas line you should check it out. It’s a more preppy version of Land’s End. There are many options in even more colors when it comes to fair isle sweaters. Wait until you find one you can’t live without and grab it before it’s sold out.

And so your sweater won’t feel all alone, grab a pair of these fair isle socks from J. Crew:

fair isle socks

Still didn’t get your fair isle fix? Check out this post by the always dapper Brian Sacawa (below).

hespokestyle fair isle
source: hespokestyle.com

Stay true to yourself. Be kind to others. Define your own style.

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