Stylish Passport Cases for Men

Tumi Passport Wallet

So you’re all suited and booted, getting ready for that trip to Europe you’ve been planning for the last three months. Dapper you, clad in your new tropical wool sport coat, favorite pair of jeans, and those double monk straps that fit your feet like a glove. Strapped around your wrist is your go-to travel watch and in your pocket is your passport… safely tucked away in that cheap passport case you picked up at the post office. Really???

Now when you pull out your passport at the airport security checkpoint all of your confidence is lost. You no longer feel cool, calm and collected. And it shows. A French immigration officer asks, “Are you carrying any drugs?” Does the Tylenol in your Dopp kit count? You’re nervous and begin to sweat; your keen sense of hearing detects a latex glove snapping snugly around someone’s wrist in the security room a few feet away. If only you had purchased one of these passport cases… all would have gone well.

Johnston & Murphy Passport Holder

Price: $40

Johnston Murphy Passport Wallet

I picture this as the passport wallet Tommy Lee Jones & Will Smith would have carried in Men in Black. And if you’re a classic black kind of guy as well, then this passport wallet from Johnston & Murphy will suit you well. It includes slots for three credit cards or one ID card and two credit cards while maintaining a slim profile.

Fossil Estate Passport Case

Price: $50

This passport case in camouflage from Fossil is a great option for those perhaps going on safari. It’s also a very practical and has plenty of room for credit cards, a business card or two, and a clear plastic slot for a driver’s license or ID card. If you’re an Army Ranger, Navy SEAL, or Green Beret than this may be the passport wallet with your name on it (that is, when you need a passport to get in and out of a country).

Tumi Alpha Passport Case

Price: $98

Tumi Passport Wallet

It’s not news that Tumi makes incredible luggage. So, if you suffer from OCD and already own a Tumi suitcase, then this bad boy made out of ballistic nylon with leather trim may just be the right passport case for you. And let’s face it, carrying anything with the word ballistic attached to it increases your testosterone levels by at least 7%. Now you can leave those little blue pills at home.

Aspinal of London USA Passport Cover

Price: $60

This badass, official-looking USA passport cover is from Aspinal of London. But don’t worry if you’re from England or Canada you can get one designed for your country as well. If you’re not from either of the countries listed above then you can’t have one with your country’s name on the front, but you can have one of their regular passport covers, which are made to the same incredible standards. These beauties are made with Italian leather and even have silk lining! The number of colors available is also outstanding.

Coach Bleeker Legacy Passport Case

Price: $98

Coach Passport Wallet

Coach has recently been creating more products for men. I still think of Coach as a women’s purse company but they are slowly changing the image I have of the brand. Also, your wife, girlfriend, fling, etc. would be thrilled if you came home with a set of Coach passport cases (green for you and pink for her). If your significant other is not impressed with Coach and needs something a little more fancy you have the following two options:

  1. Get out while you can, OR
  2. Work real hard for that promotion and go for this next option from Louis Vuitton…

Louis Vuitton Mens Passport Cover

Price: $350

While this doozy may get you laughed at by the gents flying economy, it’ll get you swooned over by the ladies surrounding you in business class. Many guys are afraid to use something labeled Louis Vuitton because of their association with women’s purses. Pulling this out shows you’re confident in your sexuality, and you have deep pockets.

Stay true to yourself. Be kind to others. Define your own style.

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