Terry Moore: How to Tie Your Shoes

Terry Moore How To Tie Your Shoes

When I first saw this video it blew my mind. I suddenly knew why my life was in ruins… it was all because of my damn shoelaces. My shoes would come undone at the most inconvenient of times, like when they came undone on the escalator and my leg was pulled to the floor in a violent jerking fashion the escalator wouldn’t let go. That incident nearly broke my ankle.

Then there was the time my shoelace came undone moments before I stepped in some dog poo. Poo on the bottom of your shoe is bad enough, but poo on my laces was just awful. I had to walk five blocks to my house with the poo causing my shoe to stick to the ground with every step. All the while the increasingly loose laces did but little to keep my shoe from slipping off my foot.

On a daily basis having my shoelaces sit at awkward angles after tying them left the OCD piece of my brain twitching in rebellion as I sat helplessly by not knowing what to do.

And then I found this…

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