The Best Looking Straight Razors from Thiers Issard, Dovo, and Boker

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Many men are afraid of using a straight razor because of the obvious reason. And in all seriousness, I lost a good friend due to a shaving accident involving a straight razor – make sure your bathroom floor isn’t wet and slippery before putting a razor to your neck (RIP Johnny). That said, with practice you can learn to get a great shave without frequently cutting yourself. Today I’ll be covering three brands of straight razors, Thiers Issard, Dovo, and Boker.

Thiers Issard

Thiers Issard Super Gnome Straight Razor

Thiers Issard Super Gnome Straight Razor

Price: $120

The smaller blade of the Super Gnome makes this a great blade for anyone interested in shaving with a straight razor. I don’t quite know why but the look of this thing just reminds me of a razor you would have seen in a 1940’s barber shop.

Thiers Issard Spartacus Straight Razor

Theirs Issard Spartacus Straight Razor So perhaps it isn’t the same model the actual Spartacus used to shave his face with. Nonetheless, this straight razor will leave you feeling just as badass as the real deal. Use it to defend yourself.

Thiers Issard Walnut Wood Handled Straight Razor

Fendrihan Thiers Issard Walnut Handle Straight Razor

Price: $250

Walnut is one of my favorite types of wood. The darker color and open grain of the walnut on this razor gives it a modern yet rustic look. I found this baby over at Fendrihand. The blade features Fedrihand’s logo which reminded me of earlier days when products were marked by the quality vendors who sold them to you.

Thiers Issard Red Stamina Handled Straight Razor

Thiers Issard Square Back Red Stamina Handle Straight Razor

Price: $300

The beautiful red wood handle makes this a sweet blade for the guy looking to upgrade from an entry-level straight razor. The clean blade with no etching also makes it a good choice for fellas who like clean lines with not a lot of fancy etching on their razor blades.


Dovo Best Quality Straight Razor

  Dovo Best Quality Full Hollow Carbon Steel Straight Razor

Price: $115

Dovo’s entry-level straight razor, the Best Quality is available in both full hollow and half hollow. This simple but well-made razor is my personal recommendation for a first straight razor. Of course if you want to go all out on something fancy, I can definitely relate. Update – it’s only $60 over on Amazon.

Dovo “Special” Imitation Tortoise Shell Straight Razor

   Dovo Special Imitation Tortoiseshell Straight Razor

Price: $120

The only thing more stylish than having an imitation tortoise shell razor is having a real tortoise shell razor. Unfortunately, killing tortoise for their shells has fallen out of vogue. You can find a vintage razor with real tortoise shell at places like this. If your looking for a new razor with the same look this razor from Dovo is just for you.

Dovo Forestal Straight Razor

   Dovo Forestal Straight Razor

Price: $150

The cocobolo handled Forestal is a beautiful blade for the price. As if the handle wasn’t stunning enough, Dovo has etched the blade with 24K gold. This razor screams class and is my top pick here for overall value.

Dovo Carpe Diem Straight Razor

Dovo Carpe Diem Full Hollow Carbon Steel Straight Razor

Price: $175

I chose this straight razor first for the etched “Carpe Diem” on the blade, which translated from Latin means “seize the day”.  I chose it secondly for the stunning pakkawood handle. The red and black handle is gorgeous. Seize the day!

Dovo Ivory Micarta Straight Razor

Dovo Ivory Micarta Full Hollow Stainless Steel Straight Razor

Price: $225

As soon as I saw this straight razor I knew it had to be one of the best looking straight razors on the market. Ivory Micarta handle, blade has been etched on both sides creating a look similar to Damascus steel. The light colored handle makes the blade stand out even more (as it should). Overall, a great design. A real damascus steel razor (if you can get your hands on one) will set you back a pretty penny and will likely end up being an unused showpiece. Get this instead.

Dovo Flowing Straight Razor

DOVO Flowing Straight Razor

Price: ~$300

I fell in love with combination of the sculpted spine and Grenadille (African blackwood) handle when I first laid my eyes on it. I put this in my wish list for Santa so who knows, maybe I’ll have one of these come December 25th. You can get one of these either at Fendrihan or Straight Razor Designs.


Boker King Cutter Straight Razor

Boker King Cutter Straight Razor

Price: $150

This is Boker’s entry-level razor. I love Boker for their simple designs and classic styling. If you think Boker fits your style this may be a good jumping off point when purchasing your first straight razor.

H. Boker & Co. Straight Razor

H. Boker & Co Straight Razor

Price: $160

The price point on this razor is very close to the last shown. I’ve included it anyway because it offers a bit of a smaller blade which may be preferred by some just getting started. I also like the simplicity of just having the company’s name on the blade.

Boker Tree Brand Micarta Handle Straight Razor

Boker Straight Razor Tree Brand Brown Canvas Micarta

Price: $180 – $190

Micarta is a hard material made from layers of canvas and epoxy. Once hard it can be shaped into a handle with excellent grip. Micarta is traditionally used in pocket knife handles and its use here adds to the manliness of shaving. These are two of the most unique and best-looking straight razors I have seen. The micarta handles are available in two colors, green or brown.

Boker Silver Steel Straight Razor

Boker Straight Razor Silver Steel

Price: $220

Another faux tortoise shell straight razor. This one however sports a blade which contains a small amount of silver in the metal. According to Boker, the silver provides a finer cutting edge and better shave. And lets be honest, “Silver Steel” just sounds cool.

Boker Arbilito Straight Razor

Boker Arbolito Straight Razor

Price: $300

The marque handle on this razor sets it apart from any other on this list. The best part is “Solingen” on the handle. Solingen is the area in Germany where the razor is made. Solingen is a longstanding center for quality metal working and most notably for its knife production. If you’ve read my post on safety razors you’ll have noticed a number of brands mentioned are also manufactured in Solingen.

Boker Damascus Steel Straight Razor

Boker Damascus Stainless Straight Razor

Price: $1300

No typo on the price, this beauty is a limited edition straight razor with only 500 produced worldwide. I won’t add anything more as the beauty of Damascus steel speaks for itself. I know what I will un-fruitfully really be wishing for this Christmas.

Tip: Purchase a high-quality straight razor and it can become a family heirloom. While I don’t use it to shave, I have a gorgeous antique razor that my grandma used to carry in her boot for protection — she told me she won it in a poker game.

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